Surethrift - A better way to thrift™
The Most Reliable Mobile App & Software to run a Cooperative in Nigeria. The efficiency and ease of use is second to none. Download the App and give it a try!
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Wherever you go.

In the office, at home, or away on vacation. You don't have to worry about a thing, it's all in the cloud.

Simple is better.

We transform your spreadsheets and bulky ledger books into personalized digital accounts for every member.

Report with ease.

Preparing financial statements shouldn't be a project. Generate your accounting reports with ease.

Highly Secured
Highly Secure.

Data security is top priority to us. So we ensure your sensitive data is encrypted both in transit and at rest.

The ease of doing business largely depends on the tools in use.

Our software automates operational workflow, as well as financial accounting.

Engage with your members on a more personal level.

We have integrated SMS and Email alerts for every single transaction.

All our customers have reported as much as 700% increase in profits + a renewed members’ confidence.

Our solution is engineered to ease the difficult job of running a cooperative and to open up more channels for profitability.

Just plug in and thrift™

No setup fee.

No hidden charges.

No fixed contracts.

Our Service Plans & Pricing Guide

  • Features
    • Free Setup
    • SSL Secure
    • Personalized Accounts
    • Online Thrifting™
    • Financial Accounting
    • Business Intelligence
    • Loan Processing
    • Cash Withdrawal
    • Loan Monitoring
    • Transactions Settlement
    • Email Support
    • Private IM
    • Push Notifications
    • Auto Liquidation
    • Money Transfer

Shoot us a mail and we’ll be glad to give you a shout.